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although he was considered a martyr by many anglicans. it would be a mistake to think of westminster hall only in these terms when it has seen -- when it has been as much a stage for debate as sheer intolerance. that tradition of debate has roots for deeper than those of contemporary democracy. it was here in 1374, for example, that a discussion took place between three religious figures -- a franciscan, a dominican, and a benedictine on the precise relationship between the papacy and the affairs of the king. suffice to say that new consensus was reached on that occasion. nevertheless, it is the right to ask such questions and to
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deliberate on the merits of alternative answers that makes for freedom. naturally parliament contains members with a wide range of views on great ethical issues, however, as is well known, the house of commons and the house of lords over the decades have taken positions on social, scientific, and issues that are remarkably different. it is surely right to have robust, but respectful debate on such issues within parliament between our institutions and throughout civil society. a very difficult past and a turbulent president need not be a barrier to an enlightened future. history means that those of us
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privileged to serve society as elected representatives arrived in this palace of westminster to be immediately reminded of the relationship between church and state. we are conscious of the tension in this relationship as we attempt to do our business. your presence, holy father, adds to the rich tapestry of the past and provides relief to the many people who come here every year to contemplate the character of this building and at what has been witnessed in it. faith is not a relic either in political discourse or in modern society, but is embedded in its fabric. the warm greeting extended to the holy father was a miracle
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indeed. today in this all, which sits in our democratic tradition, are gathered members of parliament, members of the house of lords, and numerous other distinguished guests from all walks of life and all paths of the united kingdom. on behalf of everyone here, i warmly welcome you and invite you to address us. [applause]
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>> mr. speaker, thank you for your welcome. i have been afforded to speak to the british people. this is a building of unique significance. that may also -- we have had a profound impact on participatory government. your common law tradition had affected many parts of the world.
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the separation of powers remains an inspiration for many across the globe. as i speak to you, i think of the countless men and women and the events that have taken place within these walls. in particular, [unintelligible] he follows his conscience even at the cost because he chose to serve god cursed. -- serve god first.
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this is an opportunity to reflect with you. this parliamentary tradition owes much to moderation. there is a balance between the claims of government. steps have been taken at several times in your history. political institutions have been able to evolve with a remarkable degree of stability. it places great value on freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.
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each generation ask what are the requirements and help or do they extend.
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these questions take us directly to the foundations. the moral principles and the paintings of democracy are determined in conferences and processes. it is a challenge for democracy. there are short-term solutions to our problems. without a solid at the golf foundation, the comic -- economic activity and decisions
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are of lower consequence. it has far reaching consequences that no government can afford to ignore. a positive illustration of this is found. it does make a contribution to this civilization that should make you proud. there is a foundation for political foundations.
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according to his understanding, political debate is not so much to supply. this corrective role of religion is not always welcomed partly because of secularism. the distortions of religion
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arise. it is a two-way process. this is manipulated by etiology -- ideology. this gave rise to the slave trade and to many other social issues. there is a world of reason and the world of faith.
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religion is not a problem for legislators to solve. in this light, i must acknowledge my concern. some think that religion should be silenced or relegated to privacy. public celebrations the festival should be discouraged some say.
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the invitation to me -- extended to me today was unprecedented. your government has been engaged with the holy see.
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[unintelligible] the head of development, fair trade, pearl it -- is an advanced market commitment. i also note that the government has committed to the united kingdom -- it has been
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encouraging for world wide growth. this calls for fresh thinking. food production, clean water, job creation, education, supportive families, and basic health care. time is always short.
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[unintelligible] i hope and pray that this will continue to bear fruit and a growing acceptance for dialogue between the world of reason and the world of faith. i am convinced that there are many areas in which the shirt -- in which the church [unintelligible]
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for such cooperation to be possible, we need to be free to act on our own principles and convictions. in this way, -- god is touches leak -- a dog is constantly watching to guide and protect us. reached -- god is constantly
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watching to guide and protect us. mr. speaker, i thank you once again for the opportunity to speak to this distinguished audience. we continue our good wishes and pray for you and your government. thank you. god bless you all. [applause]
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[applause] >> it is my privilege today to thank you on behalf of everyone here, parliamentarians and non- parliamentarians alike. we thank you for the way you have spoken to us about issues that are important and challenging to us all. you spoke with great generosity about the united kingdom and about the westminster parliament, its contributions over the centuries to the fight for human rights and for
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justice. we are all enormously grateful for this generous words. you spoke, too, about the role of faith in contemporary society. in the house of lords, we much appreciate the voices of religion that take part in political debate. those religious voices come from the bishops, of course, but they come from other members of other faiths as well. from hindus and from sikhs. they take their place along with the views of those who do not come from those backgrounds or communities. it is that diversity of voices that perhaps in stills in us
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respect and the ability to listen to those with divergent views. but for me, perhaps the most important and long standing thing that i will take from what you have said was the need for an ethical foundation as each and everyone of us approaches the complexities and the difficult issues facing us as individuals of community and faith in the world today. the seeking of that ethical dimension, the need to have a
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moral approach based on fundamental values, that is a challenge for each and everyone of us. your holiness, it has been a privilege to listen to you today. it has been a truly memorable occasion and we hope that your visit to the united kingdom will be a memorable event for you. once again, our thoughts and best wishes for the rest of your visit to this country. thank you. [applause]
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>> tomorrow, derek thompson with the -- talks about the future economic centers of the country with a focus on where the jobs are today and where they will be tomorrow. tony perkins outlines the issue at the fifth annual voters summit, a gathering of conservative leaders and activists. and nan roman examines the impact the economy is having on families entering homeless shelters. that is why the seven eastern currencies man. >> bill clinton joins tony blair for a discussion of their years in office. that is on c-span2. >> now, some of the speakers at this year's family research council annual conference.
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it includes senators, representatives former governor met ronnie and the delaware republican candidate for senate, christine o'donnell. we will hear first from the former boss, former governor and presidential candidate michael to be. >> it is not his recovery summer, it is our recovery fall when we take back the house and senate on november the second. [applause] i think it will be a great time for us to convene at those that panel's and finally offered a lethal injection to the kind of congressional arrogance that we have had over us for so long, passing bills that nobody in congress bothered to read, conflicting the tortured not only against our pockets but ag.
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>> welcome to washington d.c., the most is connected city and all of america. it truly is. this is one place that no matter where the economy is going, they never see a recession here because they can always vote themselves another appropriation one of the reasons that there is such a disconnect is because they do not see the recession's that the rest of us do. about the only financial transaction that ever happens in washington d.c. is the purchase of a home. rarely, is this a true business. no one here has signed the front
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of a paycheck and know what it is like to run a business. we have a president who has never even owned a and lemonade stand or a snow cone machine but we get to have him as president. the other thing about the people in this town is that they live on expense accounts that somebody else is paying for. that is when there's a disconnect. sometimes, they do not share our values. i would take issue with that and say that they do not share our story. our story that we have come to believe that america is to meet, exceptional, and is where the government is not here to see us, not here to lead us, and is not here to lead us. it is to protect our borders and leave us alone and let us raise our families and one hour businesses and breed good american air.
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it was on this day 223 years ago that our constitution was signed. what a perfect day for the value voters summit. if you'll forgive me, i just saw my friends out here that i love very much. god bless you guys did it is good to see all of you. we were worried that there would not be a crown today, but we are to capacity. god bless you, jim bob. my wife and i got back from an excursion to italy. we took a few days away and into
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a place of both of us of wanting to go to a. it was absolutely gorgeous. what will load about it is that it was not touristy. it was very authentic. we stayed in a village with form houses. nobody spoke english. we found ourselves with a language barrier we were trying to explain what we wanted and asked questions and do our best to get answers. the language barrier made it very difficult. the only thing that made it work was the extraordinary hospitality and the gracious spirit of the absolute lovely of town and people there was an effort for there to the understanding and an effort to accommodate what we were looking for. i got to thinking about what is wrong in america today and wine the tea party movement has caught fire. it is because there is a complete language breakdown
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between the language of washington and politics as usual and the language of families that are struggling to be able to put food on the table every week and to hold onto their jobs and to pay their mortgages and to put their kids in a school of the field they will be saved and learn something. that is what this election year is so very important for us. he can provide the backstop, so that even if the president wishes to inflict upon us and extreme left agenda, there will be a backstop in the congress and i am very optimistic for that. so america will not be waking up every day to headlines about what they have cooked up for us and will get this country back on track.
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lord zuckerman wrote of this year, in june, that he said that barack obama seems to be uncomfortable leading other nations. i think that mr. zuckerman is half right. i think that the real issue is that he is uncomfortable leading this nation. he treats the white house like an ivory tower. for all practical purposes, he treats it as a classroom experience. -- experiment. it took three months for him to realize that it was not tony headword's disaster in the gulf, but that it was a kid. it took him awhile to realize that we could not just sit back and file lawsuits. a lot of damage was being done and not just to the coast of to the livelihood of thousands and thousands of people across america. through it all, the president
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seemed to be more annoyed than engaged, as if he did not realize that it was his people, the ones he had put their who were responsible for the permitting process and should have been paying more attention. what i wish what had happened was that while many more -- rham emanuel should have sent a fish to secretary salazar. that would have been a more proper response. i want to address some issues this morning that i hope will not be run from. there are a lot of people that say that this is not a year we should be talking about the social issues, but let me remind you that many of our economic issues are the results of the breakdown of integrity and more. this was a crisis of unmitigated
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greed were people believed that instead of investing in the tangible worth of goods and services, people could bet on what the worth of a good or service might be in the future and try to bet on it and try to sell off their risk before they got caught. they turned to wall street into a massive financial casino. the difference is that in las vegas, if you go and lose, you pay your own debt. or you get your own legs broken. the way we from the financial institutions of wall street with government bailouts, if they lose, you the taxpayer pay for it in the government breaks both of your legs to make it happen -- and the government breaks both of your legs to make it happen. this is not so much a fiscal crisis, it is a family crisis. i think that we need to recognize that there was a story that tells us that the highest poverty levels in the history of
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this country since we have been keeping records are present today. one in seven americans is officially corporate a is a startling revelation. -- is officially poor. that is a startling revelation i thought that we were going to eliminate poverty. the real reason that we have poverty is because we have a breakdown of basic family structure. a child who grows up in a family with a mother and father who have at least a high-school education and remain in an monogamous relationship will likely not see a day in poverty. there is an 87% of a chance that a child will spend a large portion of his life in poverty and there is a direct correlation between the integrity of families and the civility of families and the stability without poverty.
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[applause] during my 10.5 years as governor, and we had did not have the stability of families that we needed. in my state, and in every state in this country, it costs more money to put a person in prison for one year than it does to put a person in college and pay full tuition, room and board and by his books. -- and purchases books. if a child grows up with a stable family that helps him or her go to college is a much better asset for culture and society than a person that grows up completely disconnected from moral principles, disconnected
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from what is right and what is wrong and ends up becoming a part of a prison system in which he is going to be far more costly than any education expense that we would have ever had. in most states, if a child had to be put in juvenile detention, it costs between $40,000.80000 dollars per year, per kit for the state to take over that kid's life. $40,000 to $80,000. who is paying for that? " what happened if we believed that the single most important thing that we could do to create a stable economy is to have a stable family responsibility. when mothers and fathers risk their own kids go rather than
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have the government do it, it is always less expensive and the outcome is a heckuva lot better. god never intended the government to raise our kids to read that is a responsibility for mothers and fathers. -- to raise our kids. that is the responsibility for mothers and fathers. [applause] we have seen obama-care passed. it is interesting that the issue is not just health care, it is held control. it would be nice if we would have -- is held control. -- health control. they have been trying to get their financial house back in order because it was a fiscal disaster. in massachusetts, the past a plan that has resulted in the highest premiums and the country, but at the same time, provided for $50 abortions. if you do not think that it is coming soon that our tax dollars
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will cost us to pay for the killing of an unborn child while paying more money for health care than we have ever paid, then you have not seen the fact that ever modeled upon which obama-care has been raised has been an abject disaster. there has been a lack of common sense and all of this. somebody said that if you think it is bad already, wait until the retiring hippies find out they can get free drugs for life. it is going to get real expensive than a hurry curry-in a hurry. -- in a hurry. we are not going to deny anyone for a pre consistent -- for a
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precondition. suppose we apply that principle that we will cover you at the same cost that we will cover everyone else because we want to be fair. let's do that with our property insurance. you can call your insurance agent and say that you would like to buy insurance for your house. he will tell you to tell him about your house. you could say that it burned down yesterday but you would like to pay for it today and he would say that he is sorry, but they cannot insured after it is already burned. then what about preconditions? how much would a policy cost if it covered everything? about as much as it is going to cost for health care in this country and it will not be five years before the government will be the only entity that will be
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able to afford to cover. this idea about the public auction will be the only option by the time that the rules are in place. nancy pelosi had the best statement. she has had several. she said that we are born to know what is in this bill after we pass it. really? if i applied that to food, i would know what i have for lunch when it passes. [laughter] [applause] let me also say that one of the reasons i am excited about this gathering is because i want to remind america that it is not just values, that is all based on the value of every single individual. our founders had it right when
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they said that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by the creator with certain unalienable rights, among these life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. there is no important thing were more than one person is more important than another. no person is worth more because of his last name or land ownership for occupation or who his father was or grandfather was told what city he came from or what color he is or what gender he or she may be. i would like for us to believe, and surely this country can accept the fact that a child with down's syndrome or a disability is equally as precious and valuable in the eyes of god and the rest of us as the kid who is middle level
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and intelligence and can be the nfl player of the year. there is no difference in the essential basic worth and value of the individual [applause] . but if those of us is that true believe that do not continue to say that we will not be silent on the issue of the unborn and we will not be silent on the value of every human life from the moment of conception to the end of life. [applause] let it be clear, i will not vote for and i will not support any candidate that does not value the worth and value of every human lives and i urge you to not do with either -- not do it either. [applause] it has been said that those of us who are republican, and i realize that this is a nonpartisan event, but most people will probably be
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republican. i am sure that nancy pelosi would be welcome by somebody. those of us who are republican, one of the criticisms is that we have become the party of no. you know what i'd like to say to those critics? we are the party of no, but not n-o. we are the party of know, k-n-o- w. we know that you cannot spend what you do not have an you do not borrow what you cannot afford to pay back. we know. we know that radical islam is a threat, not just to our livelihood but to our very next breath and we cannot continue to act as it g autism is not a
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serious threat to our -- jihadism is not a serious threat to our livelihood. we know that that is a recipe for disaster in our marketplace. the government's job is to referee the game, not play the game. [applause] we know that we cannot penalize productivity and subsidized reckless irresponsibility and have a decent market place, which is exactly what our government has been doing. penalizing the people who have been producing and subsidizing the people who made reckless decisions. we know better. we know that mothers and fathers will always raise better kids than governments will and we know that life matters. we know that every life is important before god and to each other.
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we know that marriage matters. we know that marriage has not changed. [applause] it still means what it means and in the 31 states where it has been on the ballot, the people believe with us. we know that on election day, america has an opportunity to change this great republic and to get us back on track where we live within our means and the exercise old-fashioned 70 and some old fashioned sense of what is right and what is wrong. it is right to go vote and it is right to make america proud again and we know that. god bless you. the thank you very much. -- and thank you very much. [applause]
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>> michael kirby. when i stepped off the stage, he said i was so funny. i called him president mike huckaby and he said that was not funny at all. >> it is my great honor to introduce a u.s. senator who has been married for over 50 years. yes, he is the one. he and his wife have a combined 20 children and grand kids. but also have one adopted child from ethiopia. he is a lifelong conservative who has fought for the values of greater freedoms, a strong national defense and less government intrusion into the lives of the american people. he was named the top conservative in the senate for 2009. he was recently voted the most
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outstanding conservative u.s. senator and a top conservative by the american conservative union as an army veteran himself. he was a tireless advocate for providing greater resources, the necessary equipment and proper training to our military personnel fighting the war on terror and combating global threats to our nation's security. he has single-handedly stop global warming. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome oklahoma senator jim and houinhoff. this is very exciting to me. i am probably the only one who will be here who has a specific mission and a charge for you to take hold of.
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for that reason, to stay within my time, i am not going to tell the jokes and i am not here to entertain you. i am here to enlist you. can you see this? a bose, 20 kids and grandkids. the next person following me and one of my fellow senators -- in 2008, the four largest non government operations were the $700 billion bailout, the mortgage bailout, the $150 billion stimulus and the $50 billion of the program. there are only two members of the united states senate that voted for all -- against all four of those.
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let me tell you what this mission is. it is an important one. something big is going to happen three days from now. it is something that you can change. it is something that you can impact. i want to share with you, but before i do that, i want to share something that happened the week before we were out for office recess. i had a number of groups that came in to see me in my office and the last one was the energy group and the last was a military group. each one that came in, they came in to help the industry and with the idea they were being ignored. if misery loves company, i said that they should be happy right now because this administration is trying to destroy every institution that makes america different from other countries. today, i will concentrate just on the military and of it.
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-- end of it. to give you a broad picture of this thing, when barack obama was elected and he was going to give his first message on his budget, i knew what he was going to do in terms of disarming america. i positioned myself in afghanistan so that i could be there and respond. i knew that i would get national attention and i did. in his speech, he talked about how he would do away the only fifth generation fighter that we had in the future combat system that only changed and it did away with our capacity for the c-17. i wanted to understand, ronald reagan was a great guy. back in the 19 eighties, he came out with this idea and he was ridiculed by everyone saying
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that 30 years later, we know that you can hit a bullet with a bullet. he started that whole thing so we could have a national defense system. . .
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>> rohm & hos a lot of the troll liberals -- true liberals honestly believe that if all countries stand in a circle and disarm it, of threats will go away. that is why we had a problem when the obama administration came in. we have the same thing during the clinton administration. we are talking about spending all the money on something else and not saying it pilfe -- savig it. we downgraded our military by 40%. china upgraded there is by 1000%. fact is very serious.
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there is a specific one you proudly do not know about. you did you probably do not know about. the main area -- that is what we are supposed to be doing in washington. [applause] i think it is so prophetic. a year ago, he smart to know he would be having this year days before a major change was about to take place in the military change of america. it is prophetic that you are here today. on tuesday, the defense bill
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will come up. it is a technical thing. there will be only one vote on tuesday to 3:00 p.m. that is to bring up the defense authorization bill for authorization. two things are in this bill that you may not know about. they are changing the policy of the do not ask you not tell so they can have opened a activity in the united states military. secondly, there legalizing abortion. i'll give you a little bit of background. in 1993, there a lot of the gay lobby activity. that is a big issue. i did not think it did work of the tampa -- did not think it would
12:05 am
work. i mentioned i was an army veteran. i do not have the study the problems of what happened there predic we pass did not ask not telling the. they demonstrate a propensity to engage in acts that would treat an unacceptable risk. that is what happened at that time. let us forward to today. this has worked for 17 years. gays and now the democrats.
12:06 am
and they are the ones who are responding to this administration. the far left community is looking at president obama and saying you have the house committees senate, why aren't you doing something? what they decided they would do is repeal the do not ask to do not tell. it is not as easy. do not take my word for it saw that it can be overcome. we have four services, army, navy, marine, services. it there in the field. they say do not do it. general casey said he remains convinced of is important to get a better understanding of where our soldiers and families are the -- families.
12:07 am
what review is that? we talked about the fact there is an effort to rebuild did not ask to not tell. they decided to have a steady when they would survey the troops in the field. if they live and get this and say what would it do to our readiness every have opened a activities? the city was supposed to be reported back on december 1. i was proud of the chiefs for coming out. so often, it is difficult for members of the military. during the clinton years, they were not downsizing the military. hours trying to get one to stand debup. c4 generals have the same courage. secretary gate and adam mullin came up with the same estimate.
12:08 am
they said we believe in the strongest way that the department must be allowed the opportunity to conduct a ^ and systematic assessment of the impact of this policy change. one month later, a may 27, the repairs their position. on that they did -- same day, the democrats voted to repeal of of do not ask do not tell and open of the military. when that happens, these are not bad people. i do not know people here from
12:09 am
florida or of nebraska are north carolina. these are members of the senate committee that voted in favor of this issue. but they are the ones they you'd have to call. they say it is not happen automatically th. they will say this is not become effective until after the the report comes in december. it will have to be approved in certified thd. allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the right thing to do. secretary gates say i fully support the president's decision. the question is not what it a military prepares to make this
12:10 am
change and how to prepare for it. obama said i will work with congress and our military to repeal they lot of the ninth the americans the right to serve openly. of that was happening. they will say there is a court case that came up. that is the court case. they said it was unconstitutional. and do not buy into that. it will never stand up. there is no constitutional right to serve. you do not have a constitutional right to serve in the military. that is a special privilege. it has been fortified in decisions.
12:11 am
the courts have made that "don't ask, don't tell" is constitutional. is a poor and the people understand that. every year, it comes to the senate and house. the debate this. they discuss it. they amended. it usually takes to three weeks. for the first time, i believe in the history of this country. they are going to bring it up tuesday and run it through without any amendments or discussion. this is what is porimportant. the same people open up our military hospitals to operate abortion. there is a long history.
12:12 am
and during president clinton, the repeal that and authorize abortion. then we did away with that in 1996. now it is 2010. what do happen? this will reverse itself a th. i believe the policy change is something that is happening. they did on behalf of the democrat party. his amendment will overturn the current law permitting abortions performed in pay for. i think tony perkins characterized it. he said he will turn our military hospitals into abortion clinics. here is something you will want to look at and see where you
12:13 am
will go from here. that is what does clinton have been three days from now. -- that is what is going to happen three days from now. your job is to make sure -- there are organizations that are here. i know some that are represented here. they say something will happen next to 3:00 p.m.. your job is to call of these people and make sure they understand you are watching. if they do not think you are watching, it will sail through. un mission can change that. vote "no," a few votes "yes" you are voting for openly gay activity in the military. i know that is heavy lifting. it is always hard to get people to do things. people always say they will do it.
12:14 am
if you think for a minute that the other side isn't acting, the people have a tendency to try to appease their leaders. it is clinton have the e -- it is going to have to be you guys. the media's on the other side. they do not like you. they do not like me. they do like the policies that will come into a fight on 2:30 p.m. it should be required reading, the american political patterns.
12:15 am
in this book, he will try to the conclusion that the decisions in this country are made by less than 1/2 of 1% of the people. he defined activists of people who come out of the sunshine and a beautiful saturday morning and come to a meeting like this. you are an activist. you do the math predict. there are 2000 people here. i was talking to tony. i'm not talking just to the people here but did the other people watching. you can make this change. i look at this and feel of a people think he cannot stop it. you can stop it. you are not doing it for me. you are not doing it for you.
12:16 am
you are doing for your kids and the next generations. if you would do this and get out there, i know you can. if you do not do, it'll not be done. we have three days to go. if you do this coming year will be doing the lord's work and he will bless you for it. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] caller: [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> thank you. our next speaker quickly established himself as one of the most effective conservative leaders in washington. he has been a tireless advocate
12:17 am
for our values and strong national defense and traditional values. he said his actions did americans over $17 billion. it was recently ranked as the numbers 1 center voting for responsible tax and spending policies by the national taxpayers union. ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome senator jim demint? >> thank you.
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>> i needed that. it is been a rough week in washington. some of our friends are not real happy with me or you. i think we are in good company today. i have to start by thanking you. the greatest part of the last year for me -- a promise made to return the microphone on. we have seen the power shift from washington to the people. it is a country where it should be a government. it is happening here. it has people and what it is changing things. i want to talk about why you right here and the.
12:19 am
let mwe can ban it from public places and continue to be strong moral nation. we have been told that we can educate our children in a godless environment and still have responsible and productive citizens. we have been told we can subsidize an unwed births and teach safe sex to teenagers. and still maintain strong families and a commitment to the institution of marriage. peace things cannot possibly be. we know what is happening in this country. we know this idea if you need to separate your politics from your religion and from your values
12:20 am
and from your economics does not work. america is the most prosperous, the most compassionate, strongest nation in the history of the world. it sets a foundation upon th. i hear regulate someone tell me i'm a fiscal conservative and not a social conservative inkath. cannot be a role fiscal conservative if you do not understand the value of having a culture of values. froless to the cow is traveling around south carolina. a young man followed me out. he said, republicans can get
12:21 am
back in the majority if they will just forget this religious stuff. i said, i've been in there talking 30 minutes and then never mentioned religion. he said, you know, the values of. protection for the unborn? standing up for traditional marriage? yes, that is running the young voters around. he said, you know what i mean. he was confused. he really felt like this sense of value issues were chasing people away. folks, i am convinced it is the only way it republicans want to build a campaign and one to speak for the american people, we are good to have to understand how to integrate the value issues with our economic and political issues. that is the only way they work.
12:22 am
let me talk about fiscal conservatism versus social. one of the largest cost of the federal government is related to the value system if you track the correlation between unwed births and things like juvenile delinquency, drug use, drop out, incarceration, unemployment, the correlation is huge. or sexually transmitted diseases or gambling. if you could get these things that are value related issues, the causes trillions of dollars to give. we keep making it worse.
12:23 am
almost 40% of every child is from in and read -- unwed birth. it is designed to help poverty. those incidents were created. you keep tracking it out. you realize when the largest fiscal cost of our country are related to the dysfunction independently of government. it has been caused by misguided federal policy. we can not connect it. the costs are huge. more than that, when we talk about the concept of freedom,
12:24 am
you have to go back to the value systems. freedom is when millions of people are leading their own lives and making their own decisions from thousands of different choices. think about what christian values to in that environment. the people that believe they are accountable to god and because of that they are honest, they have integrity. they care about others, volunteer. they have a strong work ethic there not only sell controlled and irresponsible, but a film responsibility for those around them. they are committed to marriage and family. think about a nation where millions of people are like that. they do not need a big government to control them.
12:25 am
the use of the people that build our community. think about a culture that does not have it and the strange thing accountable to god. we do not have to get some water looks like. economy where's the bride. -- your economy works with bribes. you are corrupt. they need a bigger government to control it. there is a correlation of freedom and prosperity. freedom is millions of people making their own decisions.
12:26 am
when you have a big government, you are going to have a little guy the bill you are going to have your values and morals. if you are going to have a col culture that has to be controlled. when you have a big guy, you'll have irresponsible thing cable people with character. we are talking about fiscal issues. what you are doing is helping to build a foundation of a culture of freedom and prosperity that made this country great. we have to take this message to the voters in the young republican hours talking to last week. we have to make a distinction so that the country will understand it. i do not know the media will
12:27 am
cover help us. none of us want the government to push our religion. i do not want that. they will discuss that, too. what has happened is that they have also purged the values and the principles of are derived from biblical faith. the problem is we are no longer talking about the government itself ago. this is the state. we have to separate religion and values and principles the bill. do not want the government purging our society of the values and principles let are derived from religion the thank
12:28 am
you occurred -- thank you. i think this young republican would understand that if we talk in terms they can understand. i do not think america will take a lot more convincing. i think they have seen what happens. i think they know that if we stand for traditional marriage, if we stand for teaching honesty and integrity to our students, that we will have a more vibrant economy and less taxes the good news and all of this is we have seen what an unbridled liberal majority is doing here in washington and how we have become polarized. some of us are trying to pull it back. it has so distressed america
12:29 am
that it is uniting americans around some core principles. when i go to these two parties, -- tea parties, they usually tell me three things. they say things for fighting. i am praying for you. what can i do? 40% of those people are democrats and independents. that is a big amount. i tried to tell some my colleagues, if you lecture me -- you tell me if i tried to let concerted can then sell we will make the tend small. lastly, a million americans brought that a big tent to washington and invited us in. they have several we have been
12:30 am
saying for years, small government, less taxes. this is what we have been telling people we've won four years. they do not want to join us. they want us to join they want this to embrace the passion. i think he'll see americans more united than they ever had before. there is a fait component that is stronger than ever. . .
12:31 am
like you, there has been one upset after another all over the country. [applause] and as you know, there have been some senior republicans who went out and campaigned on "you need me because i cannot bring home the bacon -- i can bring home the bacon."
12:32 am
i do not want to bankrupt my country. [applause] what you and i can be excited about today, the primaries are over. all over the country, we have candidates like those in pennsylvania and in florida. we have rand paul in kentucky and christine o'donnell. we have some candidates. this is no longer voting for the least worst on the ballot. we have some candidates we cannot be proud of. -- we can be proud of. when they get to washington, they will stand up and speak for you and millions of americans who have felt ignored [applause] thank you.
12:33 am
washington has treated americans like they were stupid for too long. over to, you will see who is stupid. they will be out of washington and you will be back again. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] thanks for all you do. >> thank you, what an awesome introduction. thank you so much. i am so eager for november to come, i cannot wait. how about you?
12:34 am
you just learned i am the old woman who lives in the issue. i have 28 kids, but i do know what to do. i want to thank tony perkins. i want to thank all of the great organization that sponsored this terrific event. it is an honor to be asked to be here to speak to this great group of people. i think is so much for this great opportunity. i remember when all of the washington elite said this would not amount to anything. take a look around. i would say you matter. let me just ask you to go back down memory lane.
12:35 am
you do not look real scary to me. i am honored to be here. i felt i am home when i am here because you care about the country and you refused to be silent about what is happening in our country today. [applause] i think the one thing these high and mighty types in washington, d.c., do not seem to understand, they live at the wine and cheese parties here in d.c. i prefer to parties, just so you know -- i prefer tea parties. i want to clear up if you things about tea party is. the tea party is not a political party. it is not a red or blue party. it is about red, white, and blue, and the values that and diverted the foundation and breathe life into this country and the sacrifices of countless people that have been made on our behalf.
12:36 am
to those who spread lies and rumors about the tea party movement, let me be very clear to them. if you are scared of the tea party movement, you are afraid thomas jefferson, who penned our mission statement. you may have heard of it. it is called the declaration of independence [applause] so what are these ideas that make up the tea party movement? all men and all women are created equal.
12:37 am
we are endowed with certain inalienable rights. the government cannot take away. things like life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. first of all, life. you would think we would figure this out, but some people seem confused by the term. people have a right to life [applause] people have a right to life when we are strong and fit. people have a right to life when we're sick and old. people have a right to life when they have yet to be born. people have a right to life. [applause] now that we have that cleared up, liberty. i refer you to thomas jefferson. when the people fear their governments, there is tyranny. when the government fears the
12:38 am
people, there is liberty. [applause] in 2008, it is important that we know that people voted their values. in 2008. the people saw barack obama, a new chance, a new opportunity. it is the duty of the american republic that their voices were heard. they wanted change and they wanted change that was fueled by there that used to treat the policies they got the ones that are not recognized by most people in our country. like the government take over of health care or the government takeover of gm and chrysler. it is the duty of the american public that the american people in record time have roundly rejected the government that they thought they were going to get.
12:39 am
[applause] because the government has been busy trampling on the rights and on the values of the people who voted for them. hasck obama's government betrayed our trust, the trust of the american people. [applause] but in november, the voter is going to speak again, and this time i think they are going to shout in 2010, and once again i think the government will be fearing the people and liberty will be refreshed in our country. the pursuit of happiness. it is important to know how very simple this is. this is not about a license for hedonism. it is about individuals having
12:40 am
the right to the fruit of their own labors. it is that simple. [applause] i know you realize this, but it bears repeating. the government does not create wealth. the government does not create money. we do. we are the ones that do. they are busy trying to be our banker, our mortgage broker, our financial services broker, our car dealer, our doctor. they are living off of our money. the tea party believes that government are instituted among men and derive their just powers from loss, the consensus of the government. god gives us power. that is what this document says, the declaration.
12:41 am
[applause] power emanates from an almighty god. got it confers among the individual power. the individual confirms a portion of that power on the government, reserving all the remainder of the power to themselves. do you see the genius of this magnificent document called the declaration of independence? it goes hand in hand with what we know the truth to be. whenever any form of government, the congress, the president, the supreme court, the federal agencies -- when they become destructive to these ends, then it becomes our legal right to alter it or abolish it. let me ask you this question. [applause] would you like to alter your congress? [cheers]
12:42 am
would you like to alter the supreme court? what about the federal agencies? i knew i liked you. i really knew i liked you. and the declaration goes on to say, "to institute a new government" -- that is what we get to do this november. we will be laying a foundation on such principles which reflects our values. this is beautiful. organizing it in such a form that you will most likely will reflect our safety and happiness. if you read the words that we all just read together, doesn't this sound to you like a newspaper account of two the two
12:43 am
years of what has been happening with the rise of the tea party movement? people are reclaiming our in eligible rights but they're deciding to alter their government. this is a wonderful gift. beer and mine, this is the largest political movement that we have seen in modern times. it comes under the parchment of the declaration of independence and the bill of rights. made up of disaffected democrats, libertarians, people who have no political affiliation at all. all they know is they do not like what they see coming out of washington, d.c. that is the spirit of 1776 alive and well in the united states today.
12:44 am
[applause] it was not long ago in a speech that our president referred to these rights as - rights -- negative rights, because it negates the power of big government. that reminds me of a child that you take to the toll is still not able to get all they want when they go up and down the aisles or a teenager who cannot have the car keys any time they like, or maybe a college student who cannot have unlimited access to your credit cards. that is kind of what it is like. that kind of spending to me is infantilism. because of limited credit cards for our elected leaders have become an entitlement.
12:45 am
like president obama flying personal staffs to the white house or like speaker pelosi who has been sticking the taxpayer with her $100,000 bar tab for alcohol on the military jets that she flies. or harry reid, we may not have to worry about him much longer. [applause] let's have fun. the point of this is what has crippled gm and chrysler and all the public employee unions is promising the ponzi scheme- style benefits and pension benefits would absolutely no reasonable way of paying them off. which reflects another value that all of us cherish. thou shalt not covet was not -- what does not belong to us. [applause]
12:46 am
so i think it is important that we say that it is not our values -- our shared timeless values that have changed. it is our leaders that have changed. think of that. our values are the same, but the leaders are no longer reflecting us or our values. why is this important? people ask me why it matters, why don't we just go on and live our lives? what's the business of saving america? it matters because the four fathers thought about us -- forefathers, when they were at a winter of valley forge and when the blood flowed at gettysburg, and when they landed on the beach on the day no american should forget, what kept them going was us.
12:47 am
they fought for us. we need to be worthy of that sacrifice that they laid their lives down to secure for us. [applause] thinks for a moment of what they have done for us. think for a moment how extensive this concept called liberty, this experiment in america has been. think of the cost that was laid down over the years. you have heard from a previous speaker about the cost during the revolutionary war. hundreds of thousands of americans lost their lives at gettysburg and during the course of the civil war. we know as recently as world war ii and even today in afghanistan and iraq how costly that sacrifice is. freedom is not free.
12:48 am
because of that we are reminded of just one store not want to leave with you today. 67 years ago on february 3, 1943 when it was the height of world war ii when no one had any idea how the conflict would conclude. we had a madman in the european theater called adolf hitler, trying to dominate the world. we had a japanese leader in bringing out the worst tragedy of american so let's throw harbor. 18-year-old joined up in the united states military, a lot of them lied about their age so they could get in, so they could serve the cause of america and to win this war. let me tell you about one particular incident during world war ii.
12:49 am
a convoy of three ships departed from the united states. the second six was called the durham sister. there are over 900 young, eager, new gis that got on board the dorchester. 150 miles west of green land, the ship's captain got a message that there were german submarines patrolling the waters near greenland. the captain told all the young soldiers aboard, you need to clear your uniforms when you sleep tonight and your muskets. they went into coal. some a lot of them 17 through 19 years old, 900 men under there. it was hot and uncomfortable down there. they did not feel like we're in their life jackets or their uniforms. bay street down into what a lot of guys wear at that age when they go to bed.
12:50 am
around 1:00 in the morning appears close -- periscope broke through the water and ice was in the air. in the cross hairs of that periscope, the nazi submarine identified the dorchester and fired a torpedo and then a second one. the second one hit the flank of the ship had g -- head-on. hill's story opens. scores of american gi's lost their lives and water poured into the ship. the lights went out, the power went out, the radio went out. water was pouring in. screams were heard. bodies were named. blood was everywhere. no one could see anything. it was freezing cold off. they were stopped out of their
12:51 am
minds. they were screaming and crying. -- shocked. there were four chaplains in the whol -- hole. they said, college, young men come up to the deck. father washington was there and there was a rabbi and a methodist minister and another minister. they had their faithful and it's about them and they shepherded as many men as they could up to the freezing cold of the deck and the wind slapped the faces of the young sailors and they were terrified. water was pouring into the six. the chaplains -- into the ship. they knew that they will need life jackets for the young men. the chaplains found a storage locker on the main deck.
12:52 am
they opened it and pulled at the life jackets as quickly as they could. they told them to put those life jackets on. one by one on the sitting bodies of these sailors. until there were more oil is -- more boys than life jackets. the four chaplains were moved their own life jackets and put them on the heads and bodies of american sailors and they told them to have faith, god is with us. and they proved the holy scripture that says, "greater love hath no man than this, but that he laid down his life for his friends." witnesses recorded this.
12:53 am
one of the greatest acts of bravery they ever observed. it was over 200 men that survived that tokyo attack. it was only 20 minutes until the ships sank from the point of impact. this is the level of greatness from which we descend. we not only stand on their shoulders, it is ours to continue that 234 lik of liberty-- link forged generation to generation. it is never easy and it's never been free. so now it is ours. i ask you, are you up to the challenge?
12:54 am
are you willing to do your part? are you willing to go forward and honor their memory? are you willing to do this so that generations yet unborn will know the unparalleled liberty that has been given, that god has shed his grace on the united states of america? i ask you that today. thanks for allowing me to speak to you this morning. thank you. [applause] [cheers] >> ♪ >> thank you. >> ♪ it's all right, it's all right ♪ >> michele bachmann, ladies and gentlemen, she strikes fear
12:55 am
into the heart of every level in america. if we have agreed that if we are ever going to get invited to dancing with the stars, and i will have to work out our timing a little better. [laughter] coming to the podium to introduce our next speaker is editor in chief, terry duttry. click the 20 months since january 28, 2009 is hard for america. but easy politically for the republican party. they have nancy pelosi as an easy for. she never has power over americans, not republicans, unless you are my castle. they have it easy politically because barack obama, staking his claim to be the single worst president in the history of the united states, is also an
12:56 am
easy vowel. -- foil. he does not hold persuasive power over republicans unless you are arlen specter or charlie crist. just a few years ago it was not so easy politically for republicans in washington. they controlled both houses. george bush was in the white house, a conservative. in those days there was a republican leadership that was asking republicans to expend -- extend the welfare state and threatening to destroy the country. if there was one republican in congress with a small college and political independence to stand up against leaders of his own party to defend for limited government and fiscal sanity when it was not popular. that man was mike pence. [applause] when george w. bush at all
12:57 am
republicans to support the "no child left behind" act that dramatically increased the federal role in education spending, but place for the federal there amid has no business, mike pence said no. when george bush proposed the medicare prescription drug entitlement which was the biggest increase in the welfare state ever proposed by republican president, he not only asked other republicans support it, he sent his minions to capitol hill to bully them. mike pence would not be bullied. he not only said no to the medicare prescription drug plan, he led a small group of conservatives to stand up against the president of their own party and congressional leadership of their own party in trying to abort that atrocity. they failed, but they were the vanguards of that movement today which we see sweeping our country that's as let's get back to a limited principles of our constitution, to free enterprise and liberty.
12:58 am
my parents is a conservative american can trust in political battles. ladies and gentlemen, my parents. -- mike pence is a conservative america can trust . >> ♪ ain't that america ♪ >> thank you. thank you for that wonderful welcome. i am honored to stand before the 2010 value voter summit, the largest gathering of social conservatives in america. [applause] i am proud to stand here as we are gathered today at the beginning of the end of the pelosi-led congress on capitol hill. [applause]
12:59 am
i am very humbled by the generous introduction, terry. there's an old saying that says behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. [laughter] it is my joy today to be joined by my wife of 25 years this year. give it up for karen pence, in the house. all those kind things that he said, the introduction i prefer a shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican, in that order. [applause] what a difference two years makes. i also like to say i'm a conservative. last couple elections it's been a little tough.
1:00 am
after the 2008 elections, most of us were still pretty sure about our principles but uncertain about the future. it seemed in those times that there was for only a remnant of people in this country unaffected by the new american left. democratic majorities in both houses, liberals dominating the meeting, the public schools, courts, universities. it was extraordinary. democratic majorities in both houses, liberals dominating the meeting, the public schools, courts, universities. it was extraordinary. it was a force that seemed indelible to everyone. everyone but you. now look at what you have done. historic elections in the state of virginia and new jersey and the state formally known as massachusetts has a republican member of the united states senate. [applause]
1:01 am
to these conservative victories we have when harry met shelly playing in nevada. joe the senator in alaska, delaware is about to send conservative to the united states senate as well. [applause] as we say, on highway 40 where i grew up, who'd have thunk it? even republicans in congress have gotten back to fiscal discipline and conservative values. let's be honest, four years ago republicans in congress did not just lose their majority. they lost breakaway. -- they lost their way. when i opposed the wall street bailout, i told my colleagues the american people would eventually go with the
1:02 am
professionals if we kept acting like liberals. sadly, they did. the truth is our party in congress walk away from the principles that minted our national governing majority. if the american people walked away from that. house republicans, have they learned their lesson? people ask me that. after a year that saw every single house republican vote against the phony stimulus bill, every single as republican voted against their budgets, and voting against their government takeover of health care, and i am here to say if house republicans are back in the fight for conservative values on capitol hill. [applause] we have made great strides in the past year or two.
1:03 am
there's a lot more to do. men and women, let me tell you, despite the exuberant optimism in some of the national polls, we have a battle on our hands. msnbc says republicans are going to been a couple seats in the house only. fox news channel says republicans will win all 435 seats in the congress. [applause] [laughter] the truth is it is not over, not by a long shot. we cannot rest until we win the american congress that with common sense and common values of the american people. [applause] these are very serious times in our nation his. a nation conceived in liberty has come in age to bondage to big government. we have lost respect to the
1:04 am
world and we are going broke. our social and cultural fabric is unraveling. if people are scared. in the face of their failed leadership, our party must have the courage to produce a vision for a better america. what does that look like? it always begins in the same place, our obligations to one another as a nation. it means re-dedicating ourselves to doing what is necessary to defend this nation at home and abroad and giving the american soldier if the resources they need to get the job done and come home safe.
1:05 am
that is john one. the end of combat operations in iraq was an important milestone. the president was right to mark that day with a national agenda. make no mistake, we would not have seen that day without the sacrifice of the american soldier, their families, and without a commander in chief who would not accept defeat in iraq. [applause] let history record president george'w. s decision to increase forces in iraq was right and barack obama and nancy pelosi and harry reid were wrong to oppose it. i give credit to the american soldier and our colleges commander-in-chief. if it means giving the intelligence community the tools they need to fight the war on terror like a war. we have to put public safety first. kuhl -- thomas should not be
1:06 am
tried in our civilian criminal courts. they should be tried at guantanamo bay where they belong. -- kalid muhammed should not be tried in civilian courts. we should not be used as pawns to advance a little domestic agenda. for our soldiers, their families, for readiness, for recruitment if, for cohesion. "don't ask, don't tell" must remain the policy of the united states armed forces. [applause] last, it means being good to our friends and stuff on our enemies. not the other way around. [applause] you know, the recent criticism of israel over construction in jerusalem and acts of self
1:07 am
defense was appalling to me. [applause] i never thought i would live to see the day that an american administration would announce the jewish state of israel for the building jerusalem. let the world know this, if it knows nothing else, america stands with israel. [applause] [applause] >> that vision for america starts with turning back the government agenda of this administration especially when
1:08 am
it comes to obamacare. democrats may have had their say on the third sunday in march. the american people are about to have their say on the first tuesday in november. house republicans will not rest until we reveal obamacare -- braziel obamacare lock, stock, and barrel -- until we've repealed obamacare. [applause] to those who say it would be difficult to repeal and replace obamacare, first we repealed the's congress in 2010, then we replace the obama administration in 2012. that is how you do it. [applause]
1:09 am
a vision for a better america also means putting our fiscal house in order at home, reining in the growth of government based on the principles enshrined in the constitution and our history. we need a conservative majority to lead us, to dugard work, the fiscal discipline and reform -- to do good work. end the error of borrowing and spending outstand bailouts once -- and bailouts once and for all. while we have to end the era of runaway spending, fiscal discipline alone will not suffice. today's headlines tell the story. the economic policies of this administration have failed. the u.s. poverty rate rose to a 16-year high. continue to hear the class warfare rhetoric of how the rich got richer.
1:10 am
we know their strategy. under their policies, the poor get poorer. it's heartbreaking. a vision or better america means keeping tax relief that will always please the inherent power of the american economy. it is not more spending, it is giving the american people if more of their hard-earned tax dollars to spend. [applause] that is not the president's approach. he was talking a little about tax cuts in cleveland a couple days ago. but he also renewed his call for tax increase on job creation in january of next year. mr. president, higher taxes will not get anyone hired.
1:11 am
raising taxes on job creators will not create jobs. in the worst economy if in 25 years, congress must act immediately to ensure that no american gets a tax increase in january, not one single american. [applause] when you look at the failed economic policies the past few years, most americans are starting to realize. if the recession is when your neighbor loses his job. a depression is when you lose your job. a recovery is when nancy pelosi loses her job. that's what a friend of mine says. [applause] finally, a vision for a better america must have one more element. we must recognize that our
1:12 am
present crisis is not merely economic and political but moral in nature. at the root of these times should be a realization that people in positions of authority have walked away from truths of honesty and integrity. an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. and the simple notion that you should treat the other personal way you want to be treated. public policy alone will not restore the nation. it will require public virgil. -- virtue. that eliminates from the traditional institutions of our nation like life, family, and religion. [applause]
1:13 am
now, i know that some say republicans should stay away from these issues this year. but the american people are focused on jobs and spending and we would do well to stand aside, return to the fight after the fiscal and economic crisis has passed. but we do not live in a world where an american leader can just focus on the financial ledgers. as a political party that would govern this great nation must be able to handle more than one issue at a time. we must focus on our fiscal crisis and support our troops. we must work to create jobs for and protect innocent human lives and defend traditional marriage. [applause] to those sitting marriage is not relevant to our budget crisis, i say you would not be able to print enough money in a thousand years to pay for the government that you would need if the family continues to collapse. to those saying we should focus on cutting spending, i say, ok, let's start by denying all
1:14 am
federal funding for abortions at tallman and abroad -- at home and abroad. [applause] you want to find savings, first cut funding to research that destroys human embryos in the name of science and let's deny all funding to planned parenthood of america. [applause] prue pimm we must not remain -- we must not remain silent when
1:15 am
great moral battles are being waged. those who would have us believe the battle being fought over life, marriage, religious liberty have forgotten the lessons of history. as in the days of a house divided, america's darkest moments have come when economic arguments, with moral principles. men and women, we must demand here and now that the leaders of the republican party stand for life, a traditional marriage, and religious liberty without apology. [applause] you have come to our nation's capital at a historic moment in the life of this still young republic. if we do not get a government in november, all that was once good and great about this country could be gone someday. so this is the moment. now is the time.
1:16 am
it's time for all of us to do all we can to preserve what makes this country great. the bible says if you odets, pay thef you owe debts th, debts. if respect, then respect. if honor, then honored. we owe a debt to history. but not just our nation's story, but your own personal history. to those rules gone before and upon whose shoulders we stand. i buried my father 22 years ago. he was an ordinary man, grew up on the south side of chicago, if married to the daughter of irish immigrants, followed his dreams. he put on the uniform and the time came even though he was a gentle soul. he went into battle in korea.
1:17 am
he came back never to speak of it again and the metals stayed in the drawer. he builds a family, he built a business. my dad said two things more often than anything. he reminded myself and my three brothers and two sisters, that not my will but the line be done -- thine be done. then he would look at us and say, you're on mountain -- climb your own mountain. men and women, we have a mountain to climb. for those before you had their own life. they stood for freedom, they stood in harm's way, they demanded a government as good as our people. now it is our turn.
1:18 am
the time has come to take a stand. we must not be afraid. we must fight for what has always been the source of american greatness, our faith in god and our freedom. if we hold that the banner high, i believe with all my heart that the good and great people of this land will rally to our cause. we will be in this congress back in 2010 and we will in this country back in 2012. so help us god. [applause] [cheers] thank you and god bless you. >> ♪
1:19 am
>> thank you so much to mike pence. that was amazing. ladies and gentleman, widely respected for his leadership and accomplishments as a public servant and our final speaker this morning currently serves as honorary chairman of the free and strong america. in 2008 he was a leading candidate for the republican presidential nomination. during that time he was an important voice in favor of strengthening our economy, our military, and our families. elected governor of massachusetts in 2002, he presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortune at a time of sustained economic expansion. without raising taxes or increasing the debt, he balanced the budget every year of his administration, closing a $3 billion budget gap inherited
1:20 am
when he took office and i might add without spending every other day blaming the previous administration. [applause] he and his wife have been married over 40 years and have five sons and 15 grandchildren. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a great friend to values voters, mitt rommey. [applause] >> thank you. wow. what an introduction and what a welcome. wonderful to be with you again. nancy pelosi, harry reid, obama goodbye party. it's been a tough year for those three. their numbers have been down
1:21 am
faster than a jetblue flight attendant. they were flying high not long ago. remember the taxpayers legs at msnbc were tingling. time magazine declare the republican elephant was an endangered species. the country is probably better off when the president is listening to advice from his caddie rather than his economic advisers. [laughter] the last and the "high 5", bob mcdonnell won the governor's race in virginia. i guess the celebrations came to a halt when chris christie showed jon corzine the door. and special pride for people
1:22 am
like me when brown seized the people's seat in massachusetts. [applause] the liberals went from backslapping to backstabbing. thanks to jackie gleason, how sweet is is. -- sweetest-sweet it is -- sweet it is. bob and chris and scott are just the beginning. america will soon be seeing a lot more of leaders like governor nikki haley, governor susanna martinas, and senator marco rubio. [applause] some pollsters predict the conservatives will enjoy a landmark victory. i cannot guarantee specific outcomes, but something i know, america's will repudiate obama-
1:23 am
style liberalism. part of the reason for that is the abject failure of his first two years in office. the president reminds us that he inherited a recession. that is wannabe argued during the campaign there was no time for on-the-job training. his economic advisers, had they any experience in the private sector, they have -- would have understood the first three rules for turnaround. focus, focus, focus. instead of focusing on the economy, he used the crisis as a cover to push his liberal agenda, from cap and trade to the ill-conceived takeover of american of care. america is sick and tired of an administration that exploited the economic crisis if instead of solving it. [applause] the lack of focus was not the only problem. ronald reagan used to say this about liberals, "it is not that they are ignorant, it is just that what they know is wrong." the obama-harry re-nancy pelosi record is living proof that they are right.
1:24 am
they said they will help get families back on their feet. look at what they did and ask yourself whether it helped or hurt the economy and jobs. raising taxes on small businesses, hiking some taxes on investment by almost 200%. cosecant banned trade hurt. stalin agreement -- stalling agreement with other nations hurt. handing general motors to the union hurt. the federal takeover of health care hurt. scapegoating and demonizing the people in need to invest in jobs, that hurts.
1:25 am
this president and his fellow travelers in congress implemented the most anti- growth, anti-investment, anti- jobs measures we have seen in a long time, he called its ambitious but i call it reckless. he scared employers, jobs are scarce. the uncertainty and lack of predictability he created has caused businesses to shrink from spending and hiring. he has not ended the crisis spirit-related deeper and longer and more painful. this is the first time in our history the government has declared war on free enterprise. they are wrong. [applause] never before has federal policy been so hostile toward small business. on the businesses we count on to help grow as out of recession. not only small businesses suffer from higher taxes and regulation, if they have to face the new costs and rules of obamacare.
1:26 am
unlike the democrats who voted for that monstrosity, small businesses will have to read it to figure out what they have to do. the white house tries to argue that there stimulus has helped. that is like saying sporting water from a garden hose helps put out a fourth starter the -- put out a forest fire. the question is not whether it helps a little, but whether it did the job or do it as well as it could have. the answer is a resounding no. they predicted 8% unemployment. it became 10%. since the stimulus was passed, 127,000 government jobs have been created. more than 2.4 million private- sector jobs have been lost. there are nearly 15 million americans out of work altogether. if they stood in a single unemployment line, it would stretch from d.c. to california and back again. if that is their recovery,
1:27 am
heaven help us when the recovery -- the economy is slowly getting better. it will eventually right itself. it will be thanks to the hard work and innovation of the american people. called on vice-president biden -- you can count on vice- to say he andn president deserve all the credit. no, they have extended the joblessness and prolong the recession year that burden will hang over this cabinet for generations. their failure is one reason there will only serve one term. -- they will only serve one term. [applause] isn't it fitting that those with such contempt for the private sector will soon find themselves back in it? [laughter] is only the president would have made the economy is number one job? if only he had listened to conservatives calling for less spending, less borrowing, less
1:28 am
taxes, less government? if he had given incentives for businesses to hire? if his stimulus had done less to protect unions and more to protect the troops? if only he had confronted the threat of unfunded entitlements, unfunded pensions, and liabilities of fannie mae and freddie mac's? if only he had been uniting, then perhaps he could have delivered on his promise of yes we can. instead we know very well that no, he didn't. [applause] isn't it ironic that the president who city would unite
1:29 am
the country has turned out to be the most divisive? he has united virtually all of america against him. he has succeeded in that way. [laughter] the president's foreign policy has not compensated for what's going on at home. north korea has sunk the south korean ship. iran has funded yemeni insurgents and has accelerated their nuclear program. he gave rosso their number one -- progression of their number one -- of russia of their number one -- russia their number one. foreign policy objective, return he got nothing. he insulted israel and forgot to mention hamas lost thousands of -- launched thousands of
1:30 am
rockets into israel. we've seen success in iraq in spite of his policy preferences and thanks to those of his predecessors and to the courage of george w. bush. [cheers] as you know, his strategy in afghanistan has been needlessly modeled by announcing the -- model -- muddled by announcing the withdrawal date. of national purpose. if we have serious enemies and growing threats around the world, we have an ministration whose idea of a rogue state is arizona. [applause] these are among the reasons why liberals will have to -- in november. -- have a bad november. this is not the first time the power has been taken from one political party and given to another. what is occurring is different in america today. not really the result of disappointment.
1:31 am
what is being felt in america today is more profound than that. more somber. americans believe that very foundations of what has made america america. washington is assaulting america's values. it is trying to change with this nation has been and what it is and to change what it isthis room is filled every year with citizens, modern patriots passionate about america's values, these values include the sanctity of life and the preservation of marriage. [applause] this administration has taken its assault on values to even
1:32 am
more american values. the american people have finally seen obama liberalism for what it is. they have seen the counterfeit values that underlie it and they want none of it. that includes spending on behalf of my generation and my grandchildren's generation. that is not our values. believe the rule of law should be supported to their view of the greater good. if they believe gore knows best they believe the rewards of person who created them and given to the ones that did not should not have the right to whether or not they want a union. even though one half of the children in our cities do not graduate from high school, they believe that parental choice and teacher accountability should vowel to the interests of union -- ballot to the interests of union -- bow to the interests
1:33 am
of union bosses. in fact, i'm afraid some in washington today are driven by such different values that they would change the very character of america. let me explain. at christmastime i was in walmart with the shopping cart buying toys for my kids. i was waiting in the checkout line and took a look around the store and i said this door reminds me of sam walton, himself. i never met him, but read about him. what i learned was this was a man passionate about low-price is on everything people might want and he was somewhat incredulous. his stores were very low prices on tons of things you could possibly want and the store is not very organized like the target store where everything is left just so. then i thought about some other enterprises i've come into contact with and how much their founders have shaped the way those enterprises are. microsoft is a lot like its
1:34 am
founder bill gates. apple is a lot more like steve jobs. in some ways disneyland is like the physical embodiment of all disney. -- walt disney himself. imaginative, creative, whimsical. virgin airlines is as edgy and irreverent as its founder richard branson. [laughter] it's not just business is saved -- businesses saved by their founders. institutions of all kinds. schools, universities, charities, churches. it is also true of countries. countries are shaped by their founders and by those who have led them often for many centuries after they are gone. been like for the people who first left europe to come to this country, the first immigrants. they left behind homes and families and stability in exchange for the possibility of a hostile and indigenous people, uncertain shelter and
1:35 am
climate. some found fortune and others found the right to practice their religion according to the dictates of their conscience. in almost every heart there was the strain -- the ideal of liberty that drew them here. freedom from oppression. the thirst for freedom of the american colonists. it has been a quintessential american value from the very beginning. then the founders who drafted the declaration of independence and constitution made a trade like the first colonists. they could have chosen the predictable and secure path to follow the demands of the crowd. -- commands of the crown. they could assemble to their own form of monarchy, a
1:36 am
powerful autocratic government that would tell people what to mccants where to sell a fan's how much they would earn. instead they chose freedom. just as the people would be free to choose their government, they would be free to choose their occupations and their lives course, to pursue happiness according to the dreams of their own. own that-- own heart. that choice made by the founding fathers has made a difference for americans. people all over the world, the innovators, the pioneers, the dreamers, they came to america. if this is who we are as a people. in our dna is a love of liberty and the accompanying spirit of invention and creativity, a pioneering, that have propelled america to become the most powerful nation in the history of world. this course for america chosen by the founders has been here over 200 years. the innovators and pioneers who expect no guarantee of success but ask only to live and work in freedom. this creed, this value is under
1:37 am
assault in washington today. liberals are convinced the government knows better than people how to run businesses for us, how to choose winning technologies, how to manage health-care if, and how to order our lives. they want to gain through government take over what they could not have achieved in the competitive economy, power and control over the people of america. if they were to succeed, they would smother the spirit that has built the nation. the liberators, innovators, inventors, god-fearing independent current that runs from coast to coast of this great land. the obama administration promised they would fundamentally change the way washington works. they misled us. they are trying to fundamentally change the way america works. we will not let them do it.
1:38 am
[applause] this administration does not lack confidence. confidence in yourselves is not the same as confidence in your country. believing in the power of government is the same as believing in the power of government. in a world where others have lost their liberty, by treating -- trading it away for the false promises of state, which used to hold to our founding values. we will stop these power- seekers where they stand. will preserve america's character as a land of liberty. we welcome those who seek and will defend freedom. we admire the entrepreneur, the
1:39 am
investor, the innovator. we will insist on greatness from every one of our citizens. rather than apologize for who we are or what we accomplished, we will celebrate our nation's goodness. american patriots have defeated tyrants, liberated the oppressed, rescued the afflicted. america's model of innovation, capitalism, free enterprise, have lifted billions of the world's poor out of poverty. america has been a force for good like no other in the world. and for that we will make no apology. thank you so much. great to be with you. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> ♪
1:40 am
>> an interesting story about the bumblebee. it is not supposed to fly. it swings make it aerodynamically impossible to fly and everybody knows that except the bumble bee. everybody knew that christine o'donnell had no chance to defeat my castle. the republican senate primary saw bumble bees fly. if you would like to meet her, let's bring her on. please welcome christine o'donnell.
1:41 am
>> thank you very much. where are my fellow bumblebees from delaware? you guys are doing an awesome job. thank you so much for being here. it is such a delight to be among so many lifelong friends and an honor to have the opportunity to talk to you today about the things that are weighing on our hearts. i wanted to start by asking you to think back for a moment to about a year-and-a-half ago when our leaders took office. think about how you felt. remember the despondency, the anxiety? even a fear for the future of our country. i remember the very first thing
1:42 am
scraps of the to do list from our emboldened leaders, forcing us to pay for overseas abortions, ending the opportunity program. that was the one thin thread of hope for low-income families that would give their children and escape from the failing government schools here in washington d.c. how was that for pro-choice? a so-called stimulus bill that spent a trillion dollars on a fantasy while millions of american workers lost their jobs and their savings to live it did not end there. one industry after another and our forces in afghanistan saw confusion everywhere with chatter about withdrawing and plans for closing the guantanamo bay and trying terrorist in manhattan.
1:43 am
the you remember it? i know that i do. the conservative movement was told to curl up in a fetal position and just stayed there for the next few years, thank you very much. how things have changed. during those dark days when patriotic americans were looking for some silver lining, they stumbled upon the constitution. a funny thing happened on the way to our assigned seats on the sidelines. those of us that had quarreled for years suddenly found ourselves surrounded by americans who rediscover the most fundamental value of all, liberty. these americans were finding answers to the problems to our current problems that threaten
1:44 am
our future. our friends and neighbors began to join us at the rally is and beneath the flags, waving the homemade signs greeted the were looking around and saying that there are more of less than there are of you. so there are. this is america and the ruling class may try, but they will never have the last word on liberty to read their is something about our national dna that insists on shouting at those who would be our masters. you are not the boss of me. thomas jefferson said the same thing, but perhaps a little more eloquently. he said of the issue today is
1:45 am
the same that it has been to all history. whether man should be able to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite. that is the question. the small elite do not get us. the call as wacky. of the calls went nuts. we call as we the people. [applause] we do not always agree. we do not always share the same strategy memos and we do not endorse the same candidates. we are allowed and rowdy and are passionate. it reminds me of the book for the little girl asks the lion
1:46 am
and asks if he is safe. they said he is not safe, but he is good. that is what is happening in america today with the groundswell that is a revolution of reason. this love affair with liberty, it is not tame, but it sure is good. will they attacked us, yes. will the distort our records? undoubtedly carry it will lie about us and harass our families and try to intimidate us? they will. there is nothing safe about it, but is it worth it?
1:47 am
well let me ask you. is freedom worth it is america worth it? are those inalienable rights worth it? i say yes, yes, 1000 times yes. this is no moment for the faint of heart. some have accused us of being an aging crowd of former reagan followers. trying to marginalize us. they are trying to marginalize us and put us in a box area that they are trying to say we're trying to take over this party or that campaign. they do not give it. we are not trying to take back our country, we are our country.
1:48 am
we have always been in charge. this is america. that is what is happening in america today. the grown-ups are taking away the keys. if i do say so, we have an awfully patient. we took the incremental assault on our freedoms, our values, our free enterprise, our economic ability ago on way too long. we watched the pinnacles of big government weasel their way into every part of our lives. those in washington think that they should decide what kind of libel and we use and what kind of torula the flesh and what
1:49 am
kind of four-wheel-drive. across the river -- what kind of toilet we flushed, and what kind of car and drive. they want to tell small business and what kind of jobs to make, what kind of food we can buy or sell. they even want unelected panels of bureaucrats to decide who gets what lifesaving medical care and who is just too old or too expensive to be worth saving. they will buy your teenage daughter and abortion, but they will not let her by a shugrue soda in a school vending machine. -- a sugary soda in a school vending machine. [applause] every child born today in america already owes over $200,000, his or her piece of the national debt.
1:50 am
this is not good parenting. what kind of mom or dad gives the bill to kids to pay it tomorrow? did your mom or dad do that to you? what's my did not. -- mine did not. i am one of six kids -- was crowded and it was loud and there were a lot of meat balls to make and many mouths to feed, but my parents struggle to make ends meet and it was never easy. but they did it. i bet hundreds of you can tell a similar story. it was still a struggle. it took me over a decade to pay off my student loan and i never
1:51 am
have to worry about where to dock my yacht to reduce my taxes. [applause] i'll bet that most of you did not either. today, the richest and most recession-proof jobs are government workers. the average twice in salary and benefits of those in the private business. they are hardly feeling the recession at all. that company is government in that company is deep into hostile takeovers. that is still not enough. we are told them we are not taxed enough. we are told that the dry cleaner down the street that grosses $300,000 before he pays for employees is rich and needs to
1:52 am
pay more taxes this coming january while families are forced to dramatically cut their budgets, we are told that the government can possibly survive on the budget they have had for years ago. this time, the government is bailing out itself. this is not the america my generation has known. we grew up in a time of peace and a time of prosperity with big dreams and bold risks. as the berlin wall came down, we saw the hunger for freedom coming from east europe. as one student stared down a chinese tank, we saw the audacity of liberty. as the backlog grew and the request for political asylum, we solve the shining city from the still beckoning to imitate and create that refuge that only freedom can build.
1:53 am
the golden arches when not in moscow and here in our own land, family businesses became national chains, wal-mart, home depot, only in america could that happen. we saw what freedom can do. we saw what happens when people have control over their own money, their property, their labor, their ideas and their words and risks. maybe that is why it has been so dramatic to see the engine of prosperity stall out. america's job creators are in lock down. our economy is choked. our generation did not feel the full impact of the carter administration when we were writing our bikes. this is uncharted territory for us. many younger americans as well. it is easy for many of us to
1:54 am
believe in the narrative about how to fix the problem that we now face. we have politicians telling us that we just need to spend more money to avoid national bankruptcy or the the best way to create a job is to endlessly extend unemployment benefits or to pass laws that they even admit that they have not read. that is the answer. american a longer believes these tall tales. when i talk to people on the campaign trail in delaware, i am hearing frustration. frustration with the anti- americanism that comes from the ruling class. americans want us to defend our will wildlife, not apologize -- our way of life, not apologize and tear her down. [applause] in the diner's and at the pig roasts, in the town halls and
1:55 am
the church halls, i hear people embrace a fiber conversation about american values. they reject the narrative that has been imposed on them from the d.c. crowd and they are being of pearls of wisdom from the federalist papers. of the constitution is making a comeback. it is simply unprecedented in my lifetime. i think it is like the chosen people of israel in the hebrew scriptures who cycled through periods of suffering and blessing and then returned to the divine principles. it is almost as if we are in a season of constitutional repentance. when our country is all the wrong track, we turn back to the first covenant, our founding documents, and the bold and inspired values on which they were based. those american values enshrined in the declaration provides the real answer. i believe that american values
1:56 am
are not a relic from the past, but a clear path to a strong and secure future. i believe that america's values are worth fighting for. most americans believe this. there are more of us because- there are more robust and there are of them. -- there are more of us than there are of them. [applause] the same principles that made our country great will keep our country great. if we air, let it be on the side of liberty. let us meet our obligation to god on our own hearts and pocketbooks rather than a cold government bureaucracy. let us in trust our nation to the public servant that serves the public rather than themselves. place the next generation of of the next election. [applause]
1:57 am
-- above the next election. let america make peace in our world and on our borders through strength, friendship and, it's. these are the values and principles that built and can still rebuild a great nation to read it was not easy then and it will not be easy now -- a great nation. it was not easy again, and it will not be easy now. i asked you to take the pledge with me. the first people could not see this bird or normandy or felicia -- feluja. it will no doubt be required of our children and their children. they took a pledge to gather. -- together. that same pledge will preserve
1:58 am
this, the last best hope of earth. for theedge of now that sake of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, let us pledge our very lives, and fortunes and our sacred honor. it may god ever bless america. thank you. it may god bless you [applause] -- may god bless you. [applause] ♪ >> thank you. and this weekend, the conflict between the first amendment and national security. the authors take on necessary secrets. he is interviewed by michael
1:59 am
mckay seems this weekend on what tv. >> every weekend on c-span3, experience american history tv starting saturday at 8:00 a.m. eastern. 48 hours of people and events telling the american story. here historic speeches and eyewitness accounts of events that shaped our nation. visit museums, historical sites and college campuses. a top professors and leading historians tell and to america's past. american history tv, >> i am counsel with the committee. i had the pleasure of
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